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If you are a famous tiktoker, the best thing you can do is install tiktok Pixel. It will help you to track many events. Like, how many clicks and views were done to your account. Also, you can keep track of the ads that are driving sales.

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By installing TikTok Pixel and Events API, you can track user actions on your website and use that information to optimize your TikTok advertising campaigns for better performance.


I will handle the installation and setup of TikTok Pixel and Events API on your website for you. All I need is access to your website’s backend, TikTok Ads Manager, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Cloud Platform.


TikTok Pixel and Events API can track a wide range of conversions, including purchases, AddToCart, Initiate Checkout, View Content, signups, form submissions, and more.


How To Install TikTok Pixel

The first few steps are going to be similar to installing a tiktok pixel in different stores. Let us go through them.

Step 1: Visit The TikTok Business Account.

To install a tiktok pixel, you have to first create a pixel. Make sure, you have a tiktok business account for that. 

After visiting your account, go to the tiktok ads manager. Then you will find some options above. From there, click on Assets and then Events.

Step 2: Create a Pixel

Now two options will be visible, e.g. app events and web events. Choose any one from them and click on Create Pixel.

Give a name to your pixel related to your work. For example, you are creating your tiktok pixel for Shopify. In that case, you can name it “Shopify Pixel”. 

After giving the particular name, you need to press on the Tiktok pixel and then Next.

Install Tik Tok
Install tiktok pixel

Step 3: Install The Pixel Code

So now that you have created a tiktok pixel, it is now time to install a pixel code on your app or website. You will find a screen named Set Up Web Events with TikTok Pixel. It will give you two options. One is manual installation and another is automatic setup. Choose which one you prefer and click Next.

Step 4: Copy And Paste The Code

You will get a Pixel Javascript code. Copy that section and paste it into the header section. This step should be done only once. Or else, everything will go bland.

How to install TikTok Pixel on WordPress

Installing a tiktok pixel on WordPress is almost like the steps we discussed above.

Enter To The Business Account

To install the tiktok pixel on WordPress, you have to start by entering your tiktok business account like before.

Copy The Code

After you do so, click on "Manually Install Pixel Code" and then "Next". Hopefully, you know that you will need to copy the code.

Add The TikTok Pixel Code

Now you have to add your tiktok pixel code in WordPress. How to do that? Well, you have to use the WPCode. This can be helpful to add a custom code free of cost.

Paste The Code

Firstly, install the WPCode plugin and activate it. Then go to Code Snippets and Headers & Footer. You will get a Header section where you have to paste the code you copied earlier and select Save Changes.

How To Install TikTok Pixel On Shopify

In order to add and install tiktok pixels Shopify, you must have to choose the automatic set-up. Those who have the query: how to install tiktok pixel on Shopify manually? The answer is it needs to be installed automatically.

Step 1: Connect Your Account

Firstly, you have to visit your Shopify store and add the tiktok app there. Make sure you have connected your business account and the Ads Manager account. 

On the screen, you will get an option of Tiktok. Simply press there and then Marketing > Data Sharing.

Step 2: Create a Pixel

Now create a pixel-like you did before. Then go to tiktok ads manager account, and select Assets > Events. If your pixel is listed there, it means you have done your job properly.

How To Install Tik Tok Pixel On Shopify​

How To Install TikTok Pixel On Woocommerce

A pixel manager for Woocommerce will make your task a lot easier if you want to add your tiktok pixel to your woocommerce store.

Step 1: Purchase A Plugin

Here, you have to first buy a plugin based on how many websites you have. Then upload the plugin and activate it in the WordPress backend.

Step 2: Create A TikTok Pixel

Now create a tiktok pixel as we have mentioned in every process. But here, you will need to click on Web Events, then Manage, and Set Up Web Events. Lastly, select the TikTok Pixel and then Next.

You can give a name like, “Woocommerce pixel” as you will be adding it to your Woocommerce store. 

Then you will get two options under the Installation Type. Click on Manually Install Pixel Code and Next.

How To Install Tik Tok Pixel On woocommerce
How To Install Tik Tok Pixel On woocommerce

Step 3: Copy And Paste The Code

In the next step, you have to press Developer mode > Next. Hopefully, you have got a tiktok pixel ID. Copy it into the clipboard and paste it to the Pixel Manager. For that, you have to go to the Woocommerce store, then Pixel Manager, then Main Tab, and then More Pixels.

Step 4: Set Up The Pixel Manager

We are not done yet. We have to set up the Pixel manager as well. So, again to Assets > Events > Manage under Web Events. 

Now click on the pixel you found and select the Generate Access Token option. In order to access the token, you have to copy and paste it into the Pixel Manager.

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Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

No doubt, the tiktok pixel is an underrated option to keep track of the users who visit our websites.

Whether it is about receiving data, form submissions, or sales, the tiktok pixel makes everything easier. Moreover, we have known how to install tiktok pixel. Hence, using it is going to be a cakewalk for us.

Thank you.


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